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I was contacted by phone by a fund raiser for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) several months ago. The caller asked me to purchase a magazine subscription and a donation would be made by the publisher to MADD.

The only magazine I subscribe to is Reader's Digest(RD), large print. However, I had renewed my subscription earlier this year, so I didn't want a second subscription. The call assured me my current subscription period would be extended, vice receiving a second subscription. However, I have received 2 copies of RDm large print for Oct and Nov.

I attempted to contact MADD to resolved this, but was not able to speak to anyone who was familiar with this particular fund raising event. Today I called RD customer service and had the issue resolved in less than 10 minutes.m My subscription has been extended to July, 2019.

I was also given a reference number (11474) to confirm this extension. Thank you so much for this speedy and satisfactory resolution to my problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Readers Digest Subscription.

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Hello. We're so happy you resolved your issue with our customer service team. We do strive to give the best service to our reader's and we are thankful for your business.

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