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I have Readers Digest subscription that doesn't expire until 2017. Recently diagnosed with macular degeneration so I emailed asking if they could convert my subscription to large print.

They would not consider it. Really arrogant company. It's hard to believe this magazine has survived these many years with their insensitive attitude toward their subscribers. At worst I expected them to answer that they would be happy to change my subscription to large print for a nominal service charge.

Silly me!

I have never run into a company that would not work with you to resolve a problem. Readers Digest is the first.

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:sigh I was very clear in TWO emails + phone call, including scanning mailing labels from both subscriptions. RD would not consider converting my regular subscription to large print at any cost.

There's no reason for them not to do except for the fact they're an arrogant company who, once they have your $$, could not care less. :cry


you could try to call customer service. Large print is much more expensive but they can still transfer your current subscription to large print for at least a few issues depending on what you paid. Maybe you weren't clear in the email because its a simple fix and no reason for them not to do it for you

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